My Story

I didn’t set out to be a wedding photographer but I had always love to see beautiful photos. I scan those magazines and admire the prints. I want to stop the time, pause those fleeting moments and preserve those memories for many years ahead.

When I was first asked to photograph a wedding, I had just finished my photography course and so I was a little apprehensive about it. I shot portraits, fashion and landscapes but never a wedding. Shooting that first wedding was like a tiny flame that spark my passion into weddings.

I am committed to tell the couple’s story – your story. If your wedding, engagement/prenup was sassy, upbeat and happy, your photos will show that. If it was mellow and deep, the pictures will surely evoke that story too.

I mostly shoot weddings with Gideon, my better half. He is a lawyer and a lot of other things for me. He loves soccer, movies and anything sporty. He used to paint and it will always be his art expression. However, over the years, photography won him over. So a year after we got married, we have decided to open a studio – Studio Fotogold.

With the current trend in wedding photography nowadays, we would still choose diversity over applying certain look of the photos. From the rice fields, forest and beaches, and modern structures, we always try to make it different and fresh.

We wear many hats on the day of the wedding because we want our couple to have it all…. the gorgeous portraits, the emotions, the lively (and sometimes wild) party photos, the unexpected moments in between as well as the intricate styling and little details. When our couple revisit their photos years from now, we want them to not only be able to see what that day looked like but how it felt.

We’re not here to get magazine features and facebook likes (although I would be stoke if that happens), We’re here to to help you preserve  some of the most precious memories you will ever make.  We’re here to tell your story not ours.

We love to travel so take us somewhere beautiful… and alive!