I didn’t set out to be a wedding photographer but it happens. I had always love to see beautiful photos in pages of a magazine. I like to go places and I’m a bit sentimental ~ I want memories preserve through time. I had always wanted to pause those fleeting moments that the couple love to hold on to and up to this day – I’m a photographer who loves weddings and stories behind it. I love adventures, El Nido, the beach, the sand and my dog named “tsu tsu”.

I am devoted to telling the real story of the day. I feel that there is a beauty in what is real. And if your engagement, prenup or wedding and any other event was a blast, your photos will show that. If it was sweet and emotional, the pictures will tell that story too.

A year after I got married, I quit my job in Dubai and move back home, we have decided to open a studio in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan and become a full time photographer.

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